Mon, 26 February

Debt Collection

Today, third-party debt collection is a common business practice. Indeed, debts that are not backed by a guarantee, whether real such as a mortgage on a building or the provision of a pledge, are likely to result in a long drawn-out dispute that often ends in disaster when the debtor goes bankrupt.  

In fact, debt collection is as old if not older than money itself and dates back to ancient civilisations! It gave rise to debt slavery, a practice that is completely anachronistic and non-existent in our time.

If you have unpaid debts, do not expect to enslave your debtor and force him to work for you! Instead, get help from a specialist to collect your outstanding debts. Thanks to our knowledge and connections, we will be able to surprise you by unblocking desperate situations.

No matter where your recalcitrant debtors are, we will always find a way to get them to honour their commitments! 

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